• Проектирование


We create working algorithms for complex organisms - residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our experts have been developing solutions of varying complexity for more than 10 years - from conceptual design to complete project documentation passing state examination.

Engineers of research and production association "Gefest" practice a complex approach to solving design tasks, have intimate knowledge of quality and price characteristics of the most modern equipment and automated management systems, are able to evaluate its durability and ease of use. Therefore, entrusting the design of engineering systems to our experts, the customer receives not only engineering tasks but also provides guidance on budget on the creation of the infrastructure of the building, sets priorities among energy saving technologies, compactness, reliability and durability of equipment, capital costs.

It is very important to entrust the design stage to a specialized company in order to achieve high quality of building functionality. Professional level of the development of engineering systems allows to save time on the approval of a large amount of small questions by the employer and the contractor, saves funds to purchase materials for installation of engineering networks according to specifications, eliminates unexpected additional work.

A key aspect in the design of engineering infrastructure of a building is to ensure effective interaction between developers of various engineering systems, which largely determines the quality and speed of development of the project. Because each separate section of the project of engineering systems of a building determines the source data for the adjacent partitions. And they all have an exact location in space, and the implementation of the master plan of engineering systems involves not being in the same spatial point of different engineering systems.

These and other factors that determine the specificity of engineering design can be effectively controlled in the case where the whole complex of work beginning from designing to installation and commissioning of all systems is performed by a team of developers and engineers in the same software environment and based on general principles. This allows to perform the design of internal engineering systems for the most complex objects with multi systems at a maximum speed and with high quality.

The experience of engineers of research and production association "Gefest" and understanding the specifics of objects of different purposes – residential, office, sports, multifunctional, industrial and other buildings provides the basis for proper decisions and ensures the implementation of the main tasks – creation of complex engineering systems of a building. This complex includes the development of the following systems:

Low-current engineering systems

Having been developing and installing low-current systems and networks for many years, the specialists of RPA "Gefest" increase the grade of comfort and security, provide a common basis of informational infrastructure of objects of different levels of adaptability and purpose.


Electrical installation work

A critical component of engineering systems without which an object is not able to function is an uninterrupted power supply. This is the main condition for normal flow of business processes and life support of the object in general.


Heating, ventilation and conditioning

Comfort of stay and daily living activities of people at any location - either residential, commercial or industrial - is the main priority of our professionals in the question of ventilation, conditioning, heating and heat supply.