Research and production association "Gefest" was created by a team of professionals in 2012. Initially, basic principles of the work were highly professional staff and maximizing the competence and credibility of the company in the market. In addition, in solving the assigned tasks all of our employees are guided by such engineering-production concepts as:

High quality and

Efficiency, profitability
and energy saving

and sustainability

With years of engineering experience of main staff of the company, we strive to optimize both the current customer's budget and future capital costs. Practicing the modern scientific approach, engineering studies and calculations, we prioritize maximum efficiency of engineering systems, durability of equipment and technologies, level of energy efficiency. The optimal solution is always achieved in the process of open and transparent consultation with the customer due to the choice of the best technical developments, reducing the consumption of resources and the proper allocation of investments.

All specialists of our company, including the most experienced, continue to improve their skills and knowledge in order to track and use latest developments of the world market of engineering services. The constant professional development of employees has a specific purpose to remain the best among the best and create engineering masterpieces for every customer. We strive to build a qualitatively new approach in management, use and reliability of engineering systems of buildings in the Russian market. And, of course, carefully comply with our obligations and conditions of warranty and postwarranty services.

Every year more and more architects, engineers and builders join their efforts to create a fundamentally new approach in the construction of buildings that do not harm the environment. The implementation of standards of sustainable engineering goes on around the world and Russia is not aside. New worldview and ethical standards are emerging in the domestic architecture, construction and maintenance of buildings. Keeping pace with the times, RPA "Gefest" is developing and implementing sustainable solutions for "green", "intelligent" and energy efficient objects. We are always ready to implement projects based on hi-tech building management systems based on comfort ventilation, reduction of harmful emissions, maximization of natural lighting and ventilation.

In the process of implementing of each task, whether the development of a project of specific engineering system or building complex technical infrastructure for a network of objects, the specialists of RPA "Gefest" treat it as a process of artistic creation, each time raising their skill in the art.


Moscow, Russia

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